The benefits using a vertical hoist delivers for your construction site


Installing a vertical hoist on your construction site can provide a variety of efficiency and safety benefits that will help ensure a project is completed on time and within budget.  And with the flexibility to hire hoists as and when needed through Lancastria, they are a valuable addition on any high-rise building site.

What is a vertical hoist used for on a construction site?

A vertical hoist is used to move materials and equipment up and down the sides of buildings or structures during construction or repairs.

The robust and simple design of hoists makes them suitable for all vertical access tasks on both new construction and projects.

Different hoist models handle different sizes, weights and types of load so it is important to consider the tasks the hoist needs to perform on site to ensure the right hoist is specified.

Depending on the model and specification of the vertical hoist, it may be restricted to transporting construction supplies and tools only. Multi-purpose hoists are also available which can move both materials and people up and down the building.

Hoists are also available as single or dual masts.

Single mast hoists are ideal for smaller jobs and lighter loads. Twin mast hoists provide more stability so are more suited to larger projects with higher weight loads, such as moving heavy equipment, loads or larger numbers of people up multiple stories.

Knowing exactly which type hoist to specify can be a complex decision.  Our expert Lancastria hoist team are available to help and advise to ensure you have the right solution for your project.  Simply call us on 0161 777 7554

 What benefits does a vertical hoist deliver?

  • Efficiency – a vertical hoist can help to make a construction project more efficient. Being able to safely transport materials and/or people up and down the side of a building in a matter of minutes saves time and keeps work flowing.
  • Ease of use – hoists are easy to load and unload. And with the ability to stop and start at different floors materials can be easily transported to the right location on site.
  • Safety – a vertical hoist is designed to safely transport people and equipment up and down the side of a building. Hoist feature safety brakes to prevent falls should the hoist ever malfunction, ensuring your people’s safety on site.
  • Reduced risk of injury – hoists makes it easier to move people and materials up and down the side of a building reducing the need for manual handling and reducing the risk of injury.

Lancastria’s vertical hoists

Our range of vertical hoists for hire are supplied by Böcker and ALIMAK, two of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality, reliable and innovative lifting technology.

The Böcker Super-Lift Z 320 and Super-Lift Z 330 are compact and powerful rack and pinion material hoists, tailor-made for extremely narrow construction sites. Depending on the model these hoists reach maximum lifting heights of 100 m. And with a loading area of 1.40m x 0.85m they are large enough to carry bulky material and weights of up to 300kg.

Böcker Super-Lift MX 2024 and ALIMAK TPL500 are both able to transport materials and people, making them ideal for busy sites. With its dual mast facility, the MX 2024 can also transport up to 7 people and demanding weight loads of up to 2,000 kg.

All our hoists are available for short or long-term hire and come with our expert technical support, installation and operational training from the Lancastria team. And as the UK’s leading approved distributor of Böcker hoists we are the ideal partner for your hoist hire.

To discuss how a vertical hoist can benefit your roofing or construction project, and find the right hoist solution for your site requirements, contact us.  We’ll be happy to help.



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