System Endura helps deliver a successful 1,200 M2 flat roof refurbishment


B&M Store, Biddulph; Flat roof circa 1,275m2

Lancastria waterproofing system

6mm Endura Recovery Board Film, System Endura 3mm Plain 10m BBA Certified, System Endura 4.5kg Charcoal 7.5m BBA Certified


B&M Biddulph is a large discount store located just outside Stoke-On-Trent. The building was undergoing an external refurbishment project led by roofing specialist RMLFS including undertaking a refurbishment of the weathered single ply flat roof.

The challenge

Located in a busy town centre, it was important the store could remain fully open and functioning whilst the roof refurbishment works were carried out. The existing single ply roof structure needed refreshing.  This was complicated by the fact that the plasticisers in bituminous membranes react those in the single ply preventing a secure bond. This required a separation layer to be created to prevent this.

Project solution

RMLFS used Lancastria’s 20-year System Endura as the core waterproofing system to refurbish the roof.

They firstly cleaned and slit the single ply to destress the membrane, then applied the Endura Mineral Board, a 6mm Bituminous Recovery Board with a sanded backing, to create the required separation layer between the single ply and bitumen.  The Endura Recovery Board was glued and mechanically fixed down with a 70mm Pressure Plate and a SureFast® 75mm carbon steel 5.8mm diameter fastener.

Our 20-year 2-layer System Endura could then be installed. This consisted of a System Endura 3mm Plain BBA Underlay together with a System Endura 4.5kg Charcoal BBA Cap Sheet.

To vent the roof 12.75mm flat roof vents were installed. And finally, all the existing outlets and leaf guards were replaced with SBS Flange 75mm Outlets with a 400mm Stainless Spigot together with universal leaf grates from our ancillaries range.

The outcome

The refurbishment went to time and to plan and the store was able to keep fully working during the refurbishment, meeting one of their key criteria.  Upon completion of the works, Lancastria provided a 20-year Endura Guarantee, providing the building owner with long term assurance for the roof.

As RMLFS commented: “Lancastria’s waterproofing systems are high quality, easy to apply and give great results. And the 20-year guarantee on the System Endura is a valuable addition for the customer. Lancastria were also able to provide all the materials and ancillaries we need for the job, making the whole experience a positive one”.

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