System THX

System THX is a high performance BBA Certified polyurethane liquid coating system. This seamless cold applied liquid system is an extremely durable and elastic system that meets the requirements of a simple, easy-to-use and flexible system. Being highly puncture and abrasive resistant, System THX is not easily damaged by plant access and workers,making it suitable for areas with foot traffic. It is also easily repairable meaning the life expectancy of the roof can be easily maintained should it become accidentally damaged. SYSTEM THX is available as a 15 to a 25 year system depending on the condition of substrate being waterproofed and the processed used.

Key Features

BBA Certified

Up to a 25 year guarantee – long lasting system for added piece of mind

Easily repairable: the life expectancy of the roof can be easily maintained should it become accidentally damaged

Wet on Wet Application: our fast application system removes the risk of delamination between coats resulting from possible contamination between coats

Highly thixotropic whilst easy to apply: thick coats can be added to the upstand without slumping occurring. Retains workability allowing for an even application with a roller

High levels of elasticity and adhesion – an excellent choice for repairing roofs on ageing existing systems and preventing cracking

Seamless system: with most flat roofing failures originating from roofing systems seams, our seamless system eliminates this weakness

One component: removes the need for mixing of waterproofing coats and ensure the coating remains workable at 5 deg C without the use of an accelerator.

UV / water resistant: capable of withstanding the worst of the elements.

Suitable for foot traffic: highly puncture and abrasive resistant, not easily damaged by plant access and workers

Suitable For

Suitable for use with a range of surfaces including bituminous membrane, concrete, insulation, asphalt and timber

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