System 20SL

SYSTEM 20SL can be used either as a refurbishment membrane or as part of a built-up system. This is a flame free system that can be mechanically fastened or adhered with welded laps. SYSTEM 20SL membrane is made of high-quality distilled bitumen, modified with elastomeric polymers providing excellent elasticity, workability and a total adhesion to any substrate. The non-woven polyester and high mechanical performance gives an excellent tensile strength, elongation and great dimensional stability. The 20SLF system has a 30 year life expectancy and up to 20 year guarantee.

Key Features

Flame free application

Single layer membrane for single or multi-layer application


-25 degree cold flexibility

Able to be mechanically fastened or adhered

Suitable For

Ideal for a single or multi-layer application. It can be applied in the traditional torch on method, or by using hot air and mechanical fixing system.

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