System 10S

SYSTEM 10S is our market-leading entry level waterproofing system providing a basic and economic solution for many general flat roofing applications. Primarily used as a 10 year two-layer system, it provides an economical way to lengthen the life of a roof without sacrificing quality. The System 10S plastomeric modified bitumen polymer (BPP) provides excellent flexibility and workability on any roof. The insertion of this non-woven glass fibre reinforcement inside the polyester itself supplies high dimensional stability and excellent mechanical resistance. The 10S range includes both a 2mm and 4mm underlay in 16m rolls. These are normally used as an underlay in built-up roofing systems, or as a vapour control layer when thermal insulation boards are installed in warm roofs.

Key Features

Economical with no sacrifice of quality

Easy to lay

Choice of underlays and cap sheet.

Excellent dimensional stability and mechanical resistance

Life expectancy of 20 years

Suitable For

Entry level system that is primarily used as 2 layer system to lengthen the life of a roof without sacrificing quality.

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