Ladder hoists

Sectional inclined elevators – often known as ladder hoists – work on the same principle as our trailer-mounted hoists. However, their 2m and 1m ladder sections are bolted together in situ meaning they can be erected in awkward spaces and also configured with a bend to run up to eaves and on to a roof for tile or solar panel installation. Powered by an electric motor and winch unit, they are highly versatile and have a safe working load of 250kg.

    Key Features

    Highly versatile

    Safe working load of 250kg

    Heights from 3m to 8m

    Easy to assemble and break down making them ideal for installation in awkward locations

    Quiet electric motor – can be used in confined spaces and noise sensitive environments

    Can be configured with a bend to run up to eaves and on to a roof

    The optional tipping carriage allows access to the platform without compromising edge protection.


    Our range of ladder hoists come with a selection of platforms for different operations and can be transported in a standard van.

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    ModelLadder/top lift hoist – Standard
    Payload250 kg
    Lifting speed 34 m/min
    Lifting height max20 m
    Rope length44 m
    Rope diameter6 mm
    Voltage230 V / 50 Hz
    Control voltage24 V
    Weight of drive unit54 kg

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