With compact dimensions, a minimum requirement for space, height range of up to 24m, and carriage speeds of up to 48 m/min, the Junior compact lift is the ideal choice for transporting materials to height in narrow and confined construction sites, even fitting through a standard door width.

    Key Features

    compact design for operation on narrow construction sites

    manoeuvring width of less than 1 metre,

    retractable axels

    working to max height of 23.5m

    carriage speeds of up to 48 m/min

    a maximum payload of 250 kg


    ModelHD 18/0-5HD 24/0-7
    Gross vehicle weight1,200 kg1,200 kg
    Driving licence classB/B96/BEB/B96/BE
    Payload250 kg250 kg
    Extendible from – to4.1 – 17.8 m4.1 – 20.9 m
    Manoeuvring Length4,165 mm4,165 mm
    Transport Length4,900 mm4,900 mm
    Manoeuvring width *890 mm890 mm
    Transport width *1,299 mm1,299 mm
    Length of rail package4,005 mm4,060 mm
    Track width540 mm540 mm

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