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Whether you are a long-established business or are relatively new to the market, having loyal customers who buy from you regularly, grow their spend over time and speak positively about your customer service is a highly desirable position to be in.

At Lancastria we’ve been supporting businesses in the flat roofing sector for over 30 years. Over that time, we’ve built strong and long-lasting relationships with many of our customers, and we’re proud to have been working with some of these businesses as their main flat roofing materials supplier for over 25 years.

We believe this hard-won loyalty reflects how everyone in the Lancastria team brings our values of honesty and integrity, excellence, trust, and exceeding expectations to life in all our customer interactions.

Through a combination of our values focus, our extensive expertise and the quality of our products, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers, day in and day out.

And whilst we get regular positive feedback from customers, we wanted to ensure we were doing our very best to help our customers complete their contracts as efficiently and effectively as possible. We were also interested in finding out if there were new or long-term challenges they were facing that we could support them with.

Asking our customers

To get some answers to our customer questions we recently contacted a range of owners, estimators, buyers and contracts managers that buy our waterproofing materials and/or hire our hoists to ask them what they thought of our products and our service.

Whilst we hoped we would get positive comments, we also wanted to identify any areas where we could improve what we do to make our service or our products even better.

We’re delighted to share that the feedback has been highly positive.

Some of the comments we received included:

  • “Nothing needs changing”.
  • “I couldn’t speak highly enough about Lancastria”.
  • “One of our few suppliers where service expectations are exceeded.”
  • “My first port of call for any advice or information”.
  • “Products are great and customer service is bang on”.
  • “Good service, nice people and the waterproofing products go down as promised”.
  • “Very happy with hoists we hire – there’s not really anything comparable on the market”.
  • “Good job. Just keep doing what you are doing”.


In fact, we only got one slightly negative comment which was “we’ve only had one complaint with Lancastria in 7 years, and that was resolved without issue”.

These fantastic comments are testament to the effort and care everyone at Lancastria from the office team to our engineers out on site, puts into delivering outstanding service to our customers every day. It’s great to know we’re doing the right thing by our customers and that they recognise and appreciate this too.

What now?

Whilst it is great to have such positive feedback, we know there’s no scope for complacency or resting on our customer service excellence laurels! Instead we’ll be continuing to work hard to keep delivering this level of excellence.

We’ll also ensure we use what we’ve learnt to help ensure our customers get the best possible solutions for their flat roofing projects, be it our BBA certified waterproofing products, our high quality, high value tools or our specialist Böcker and vertical hoists.

A huge thank you to all our customers.  We appreciate your custom and your trust and look forward to continuing to support you.

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