How the Böcker Trailer Construction Hoist speeds up your project

The Böcker Trailer mounted hoists help speed up the loading of materials, this normally is a strenuous task but is made quick and painless with the use of a construction hoist.
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The Trailer hoists are either powered by a Honda petrol engine or electric motor and can be moved under their own power. As the hoist is on wheels it can be moved around the site easily, taking very little room. Most importantly they can be operated easily using simple controls.

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Loading a roof easily & quickly:

The Böcker construction hoist is perfect for loading materials from the ground at a max high of 24 m and can carry up to 250 KG at a speed of up to 40m a minute. This makes loading a roof extremely easy and reduces the time carrying materials.

This is especially useful when carrying awkward items such as insulation, plasterboard, plywood, or large or heavy rolls of material. This is made easy with the various basket and platform options for varied applications.

A key benefit of using a Böcker trailer mounted construction hoist is it reduces manual handling, this alone frees up workers to get on with the work that matters, and has the additional benefit of helping keep a safe distance apart between workers in this time of the Covid19 pandemic.


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Loading a roof safely with the least damage to tools and materials:

The Böcker inclined trailer hoists are useful tools for negating some of the risks of injury to your workforce due to the reduction of manual handling. The hoists do all the carrying of heavy or awkward materials, therefore the workforce isn’t risking injury carrying awkward goods in confined areas.

The Böcker material lifts are a fast and efficient way of getting your materials and tools to roof level which ensures they arrive in good condition. This will speed up the job by reducing the number of breakages and damage to materials on your project. In short, inclined hoists reduce the instances of materials being dropped or knocked when being carried to where they are needed.


Takes little room and can easily be moved to different locations as required:

Many sites have very little space, a standard construction lift requires fixing a mast up the side of the building and a set area for the hoist base as well as a dedicated power supply. The Böcker inclined material hoist (trailer mounted) takes up very little space, it has an option for a Honda petrol engine, so it requires no external power supply. As the hoist is self-erecting and mobile it can be quickly and easily moved around the site to where it is required.

The Böcker construction lift has a simple control lever for raising and lowering the platform. It also has a lock function while it is not in use. Operating Böcker trailer hoists is easy, with some simple familiarisation training your team can get all the materials and tools where they are needed, quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion,

The Böcker trailer mounted instruction hoist helps speed up your project by reducing the physical strain on your workers carrying heavy, awkward materials and tools in confined spaces. The hoist can handle these items and is easy to load, unload and operate. Using a construction lift reduces manual handling which ultimately means there is less chance of damage being caused to items or tools due to human error. The information on the available hoists that we offer visit our website and the following link: Using a Böcker trailer mounted hoist is the smart choice to speed up your project don’t forget, work smarter not harder!


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