Lancastria’s THX liquid waterproofing system does an excellent job at Keele Services

System THX


Welcome Break – Keele Northbound M6 1,500 sqm.


Lancastria PU Liquid, System THX+ cold applied liquid roofing system


Located on the outskirts of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Keele Motorway Services is a large 1,500sqm single-storey building, home to popular brands such as Starbucks, KFC and Waitrose.

The building is made up of differing roof levels with a large amount of plant and rooflights in situ. Water ingress was causing damage and hygiene issues to the services below and an issue with ponding water was also putting the existing roof at increased risk of further damage.


The building had been extended and altered several times resulting in a number of differing substrates across the roof. Patch repairs previously carried out had also started to fail creating a complex situation.

Additionally, the services had to remain open while works proceeded. And given the site use and the potential risk to the public, hot works were not permitted.


We recommended our SYSTEM THX+ liquid waterproofing system as an excellent solution to address all the issues with the roof and the site.  As a seamless, cold-applied and extremely durable liquid roofing waterproofing system, with high levels of UV and water resistance, we were confident our Lancastria SYSTEM THX+ was the most reliable and cost-effective option for this complex roofing replacement project.

The contractors, Cold Applied Roofing Solutions, prepared the site ready for the SYSTEM THX to be applied, removing disused plant, cleaning the existing surface, and replacing or boarding up rooflights as required. Several extra rainwater outlets were installed to mitigate the drainage issues.

Our versatile System THX Primer 0230 Clear was applied, followed with the wet-on-wet main liquid waterproofing coat, System THX Liquid Polyurethane BROOF(t4). A 225gsm Glass Fibre Mat was then embedded into the main coat to provide stability. To give System THX the extra lifespan and UV protection, System THX+ Top Protection Coat was added to complete the roof’s waterproofing system and extend the life of the new roof to an impressive 25 year maximum.


The project was completed on time and an excellent finish achieved. Both Cold Applied Roofing Solutions and the commissioning contractor were extremely pleased with the outcome.

Lee Hughes, Managing Director at Cold Applied Roofing Solutions, commented: “Having successfully used Lancastria’s System THX liquid waterproofing on many other projects, as soon as we saw what was needed at Keele Services we knew that THX would do an excellent job.  And it did”

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