Endura waterproofing membrane helps deliver a successful flat roof replacement project at Quarry Park

System Endura


Quarry Park, Rainhill, Merseyside

Flat roof circa 280sq m

Waterproofing Membrane System



Quarry Park is a four-storey residential building with a flat roofing of approximately 280 sq m. Following issues with water ingress the building required a new flat roof system. The property owner approached LSH, a trusted roofing contractor, to provide a core sample and specification for the project. After a thorough inspection, it was determined that the existing roof system was inadequate and required a full replacement. In addition, the roof was found to have insufficient insulation.


The flat roofing project in Quarry Park posed several challenges that required careful consideration and planning to ensure the success of the project. The roof had sagged, leading to a build-up of water on the surface that could not reach the outlets. In addition, the roof required additional structural supports to prevent further sagging, and the perimeters needed to be built up to accommodate new insulation.  Having worked with Lancastria on other flat roofing projects, LSH approached us for advice on the best way forward.


Following discussions with LSH, Lancastria recommended a cut-to-falls insulation system and our System Endura FR, a 3-layer BBA certified, BroofT4 fire rated, bituminous waterproofing membrane system with a 20-year guarantee.

We addressed the back falls issue by designing a cut-to-falls insulation system, which involved creating a slope in the roof to facilitate proper drainage. The design ensured that water would flow towards the drainage outlets, preventing any accumulation of water on the roof.

Once LHF had the cut-to-falls system in place, they installed the 3-layer bituminous Endura FR system. The base layer was installed first to ensure the roof was watertight, follow by the reinforced layer to increase the strength and durability of the roofing system. Finally, the cap layer was added to protect the roof from external factors such as weather and UV rays.

The outcome 

The whole project was completed on time and with no issues, providing both LHF and the building owner with a successful outcome.  Once again our Endura FR waterproofing membrane proved to be exactly the right solution.

The residents were also pleased to have a new roofing system in place. On completion of the project, one of the residents commented, “My flat already feels warmer from the extra insulation, and I sleep easier knowing that there’s not all that water above me”.

And with a 20+ year guarantee they won’t be worrying about the roof for some time to come. A great result for all involved!

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